Thursday, May 27, 2010

FREE Sobe.

Sobe=  FREE!
CVS Shampoo = FREE!
Tax = .29

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

farm fresh.

Savings of 71%

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


They say its a WOMANS job....not in this house.  I HATE to cook, seriously.  Thankfully, Im married to a man that LOVES to cook.  With that being said sometimes I would like to surprise him with a nice home cooked meal.  Something that is easy...maybe a good crockpot recipe?  Particually something I cant mess up ;)  Any suggestions?  I guess I can google some ideas to get me thinking.

getting paid to shop.

2 Chex Mis
4 Candy Bars (fillers)
1 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Contact Solution
1 IronMan Muscle Gel
1 Bag of Cheese Curls (corey at them, not pictured)
Total = $1.59
BUT we have the $10 MIR when you buy $15 worth of 'stuff'....pre-coupon.
So I will get $10 back making it $8.41 PROFIT!

Total: $1.27
*There is a money back guarantee on the pantene pro-v. If the product doesnt make your hair 'smooth' in 2 days from first applying they will give you DOUBLE what you paid.  I normally use herbal essence for my hair (its wild).....but I'll give this a try :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

CVS, Farm Fresh

Total: .78
Made an extra $4 ECB off this too.

Farm Fresh
Total: .22

Saturday, May 22, 2010

mail day.

not too shabby.
4 magazines.
kandoos kids cd w/ $1 off coupon.
2 sheets of FREE address labels.  (very cute too).
$4.88 rebate check,
Giraffes Cant Dance. (scholastic book from pampers).

Thank You Franklin Goose!!!!

  Back in March Franklin Goose had an awesome deal.  For reviewing any of their priducts you woudl get a $5 credit to your account.  Since little eric was cloth diapered I was able to do lots of reviews, which in turn gave me lots of credits to be used towards their products. I still have some other 'little' stuff coming from them as well....but here's what I ordered. Everything was FREE!!! Yes, FREE!!!! So a HUGE thank you to Franklin Goose for awesome customer service!! Oh, and a BIG thanks to Danielle for telling me about this deal back in March :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shore duty.

Can I just say HELLO SHORE DUTY!!! Woot Woot! After 9 straight years of sea duty my husband will FINALLY (hopefully) be home the next 3 years.  He has a pretty good schedule where he is working which means more family time. The boys are super excited as you can imagine.  Im sure it will be hard to go back to sea after this shore rotation, but for now we are going to enjoy him being HOME!


Total after coupons & $4 in RR = $2.06
Got Back = $6 in RR.


more deals :)

everything was FREE but the items listed below:
2 packs solo plates = .75 each
mustard = .29
reynolds foil = .24 each
2 cream cheese minis = .19 each
TOTAL:  $3.24
Savings: 91%

Monday, May 17, 2010


Farm Fresh tripled coupons up to .99 today. Here are two pics of my deals.
Total: $2.60
(click the picture to enlarge).

4 Bottles of Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce = FREE!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


My boys are amazing.  I LOVE that the are so different.  I've noticed how much little eric is like me and corey is just like his dad.  I used to be shy, more reserved and pretty much quite (same as little eric).  Corey is LOUD, loves to be certain of attention, and LOVES to make people laugh (just like daddy).  There is NEVER a dull moment with corey. He keeps us laughing.  Little eric is such a sweet kid.  He gets to stay up an hour later once his brother falls asleep (summer rule). It allows us some quality time with him.  It amazes me how mature he can be at 6yrs old.  I just love these little guys :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today is WEDNESDAY = Farm Fresh DOUBLES!!
There was a GREAT sale this week! I got some really awesome deals but decided to share with you everything that was COMPLETELY FREE! 
Side Note:  I went to Farm Fresh THREE times today....sad, huh?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DG Paid ME .61!

Dollar General
Pedigree Dentastix on sale for $2  used $2 coupon = FREE
Nivea Mens Body Wash $2.50 on sale....used $3 off coupon = $1.50 PROFIT
$1.50-.89 (tax) = .61 PROFIT
*I didnt realize till I left that I got paid. I swiped my card & realized the total was a negative.  I dont think the cashier realized either.


Total: $9.82
Will get back $6 rebate for the Armor Products.  I might get back $4.88 for the Greenworks Detergent....I have to check more into it.  So possibly FREE plus overage after rebates?

LOVE me some rite aid!

4 bottles of tresemme hair products
3 purex laundry detergent sheets
2 pair of kids sunglasses
2 kit kats (only 1 know mama got hungry :)
2 aveeno lotions
3 bags tgif snacks
TOTAL: $3.09
SCR:   $3.00
OOP:   .09


Blue Bunny Ice Cream $1 each, used $1 off coupons = FREE!!
* I LOVE these cookie ice creams!


These were on sale B1G1 paired with the B1G1 coupon =  BOTH FREE!


Total:  FREE just paid .06 in tax

One sale for $1 each ....used $1 off coupon = FREE

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The Rite Aid Foster Sunglasses for kids I bought a few days ago (see the Rite Aid post a few slots below)....were on sale for I believe $1.49.  I was able to use a $5.00 off coupon from the Rite Aid Values website PLUS I checked my SCR's today.....guess what?  Im getting $4 bucks back too!! Huge moneymaker!!!  I had NO idea I would get the SCR on the glasses. Apparently its $2 per sunglasses, not sure of the limit.  But what a DEAL!!!!!!  Profit of $7.10!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Paid with $4.50 total was then .59 BUT I got back a $5 ECB. So basically .09 for everything :)

Dollar General.

Dollar General is FINALLY accepting printable coupons. woohoo!

Had coupons for everything so FREE!
Tax was .24

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Shout: $1.24 for all 3.
Vaseline Lotion: .04
Everything else was overage at my target :( boo hiss.
I will submit the shout products for the $5 Rebate.  That will give me a profit of $3.74.


1 Carefree Liners
4 EOS Lip Balsm
4 Covergirl Foundations
2 Johnson & Johnson baby wash/lotion.
4 Lysol Wipes.
2 Pairs Kids Sunglasses.
Total Spent:  $4.16
SCR: $8.00
Profit: $3.84! woohoo!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Just paid tax =.63
Everything was free after coupons. I will submit a rebate for the sure deodorant for $2.99 so I actually made $2.36 on this purchase.

Yay! My FREE subscription came! I love me some good gossip magazines...although Im pretty loyal to US Weekly...but who can beat FREE?