Monday, February 28, 2011

rite aid.

total: .25!

Pregnant? FREE Belly Bag!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


awhile back staples had the coffee-mate online for FREE with a coupon code & FREE shipping to the store. we had no stores around here, but luckily I have family in DE and my darling sister (hi katie!) picked it up for me when it came in...along with the 2 free pack of sticky notes!
and delaware has NO taxes so my final cost $0.00!!

my girlfriend & I (hi jennifer!) went to about 5-6 stores to get the deals! My total for everything:
$4.60 ($2.46 was tax)!
Not a bad deal ;)


FREE @ Target!
clrx price $4.98 - $5 target coupon (adjusted to $4.98) = FREE!

the proof ;)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kleenex Brand Sneeze Catcher

I signed my kids up to become certified Kleenex Brand Sneeze Catchers!  Check out the details here.  We got the package via fedex today & the boys were SO excited! It's the simple (and free) things that make them smile ;)
the kit. its in spanish but the kids didn't care ;)

little eric sporting the hat & shirt!

corey with the backpack that now holds all his little monster trucks :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Corey is FIVE!!!

my camera broke today. no clue what happened but its making a funny noise & it wont work.  couldnt have happened on a worse day because today is my son's 5th birthday! I'm guessing my cell phone will have to do for now. boo hiss!

one of my FAVORITE pictures of corey!! I think he was 2.5 in this picture.  Looks at those cheeks & curls!!  I really wish I didnt let my husband talk me into cutting those curls!!

my sweet little 5yr old this morning heading to pre-k (hence the box of munckins)!

Rite Aid.

Total: $2.50 ($1.35 was tax).
I used 18 up rewards & got back $18 up rewards.
Plus $3 SCR!


total spent: $6.85 (BUT got back a $5 gift card for buying 7 burritos!)
here's the break down.
2 pair of jeans- clrx to $4.98 each, used 2 $5 off coupons (adjusted to $4.98) = FREE!
1 Purina Cat Treats- .94 used $1.00 coupon = .06 in overage.
1 pack dentyne fire- 1.79 used 1.00 manf coupon & .75 target coupon = .04
7 burritos- .84 each = $5.88 BUT get back a $5 gift card so just .88 for 7!
2 up & up (target brand) dental floss- .89 each, used $1 target coupon = .22 in overage
2 travel aquafresh toothpaste- .97 each, used 2 $1 off coupons = .06 in overage
2 up & up dryer sheets- $1.37 each, used 2 $1 off target coupons = .37 each
2 finish quantum- $2.50 each, used 2 $1.00 of manf coupons & 2 $1.50 off target coupons= FREE
total (including tax): $6.85 (plus $5 target gift card)

harris teeter super doubles!

tax: .31!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

thanks to myblogspark for sending this yoplait kids package to us! the kids were super excited for all the goodies inside...especially that little bouncy ball ;) also included were the lunch pack, 4 spoons, 1 magnet, 1 pack of abc silly bands, 1 coupon for a FREE pack of yoplait!
Jalapen Chips (free facebook coupon).
12 pk sprite ( earned points from my coke rewards for free 12 pk).
2 packs of airheads (free- smartsource coupon that doubled).
Tax: .49

see the 100% savings ;)

rite aid.

total oop: $3.68 ($2.25 was tax). used gift card to pay.
SCR: $21.97
UP Rewards: $38

farm fresh.

2 deer park waters
1 travel huggies wipes
4 johnson & johnson baby bars
2 rices
3 xtra laundry detergent
2 sprite.
ALL FREE! (only paid tax).

decided to go back for more detergent.
4 xtra detergents
3 packs of mentos
1 pack air heads.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


i think im almost 100% again....finally.  i've been sick pretty much the whole month of january, than started february trying to get rid or mrsa. the only positive side of being sick was the weight loss.  im down 12 lbs!  i guess 2 stomach viruses & a sinus infection will do that to ya.  here's to hoping i dont catch anything else.....i think im set for the year ;)

oh, and i need to START planning corey's birthday. he will be FIVE two weeks! FIVE?!?!  not sure how that happened but i need to get planning.  he wants all the boys from his pre-k class to come to his party and only one girl. guess she's special ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

and now on to the deals.....

total oop: $4.39 ($2.00 was tax).
total items purchased: 23 (missing is a hersheys bar, i got hungry).
started out with $33 up rewarsd (i didn't use all of them), ended with $36 up rewards.
will get back: $7.99 scr.
2 milkbone dog treats
2 hartz dog treats
1 afrin
6 motrin pm (raincheck)
2 clariol hair color (one is hard to see in the picture)
1 finish dishwasher detergent
1 amo complete
2 lays chips
2 ky.....hey, it was a moneymaker ;)
2 spic n span disposable gloves
1 cow tail (yuck, but it was a cheap filler).
1 hershey bar (not pictured).

better picture of the free hair color.....

customer service.

what a day. my girlfriend needed to go to rite aid today, so i decided to join her.  we hit about 5 different stores, she was trying to get the edys/lays deal.  well, at one particular store (it's one I don't go too) i noticed they had their hair color products on clrx for $2.99 paired with the $3.00 coupon in sundays paper = free product.  boy, was i wrong.  the cashier asked the assistant manager if i could use the coupon since it was .01 more than the product. the assistant manager firmly said 'no'.  hmm. i told her all she had to do was adjust the coupon down or she could price modify the item.  she refused to do either, saying it was THEIR policy to not mark down coupons. she insisted if she marked down the coupon they would not receive credit either (not true). she gave me corporates number & began flipping through her policy packet.  she was very rude & short with me. it was clear i wasn't going to get anywhere with this woman.  i told her she could keep the hair color i would go to another rite aid.  once we left, i immediately called corporate.  guess who was right?  me!  shocker, huh?!  we drove not even a half mile down the road where i did get my hair color (i don't even use it, lol) and they gladly accepted my coupon!  a few hours later the store manager calls me back and apologizes for the 'incident'.  he received the complaint from corporate and was none to pleased with the assistant manager.  he was very apologetic & so nice.  i told him my main problem wasn't the fact that she was an assistant manager and she didn't know their policy, but there was NO need for her to be so rude with me. the store manager agreed she was in the wrong and could have definitely marked the coupon down.  for my troubles he is mailing me a $10 gift card....not too shabby. i do appreciate his concern & being so helpful, but i think i will steer clear of that particular store.

farm fresh.

the farm fresh deals haven't been great lately. i just went for the freebies ;)
free soup & cheese. only paid tax.


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Do you have a favorite figure from the old west? I've only head of few, billy the kid.  I don't really have a favorite unless we are talking fictional movies as in Wild Wild West starring Will Smith ;)  Now, that is the type of 'old west' move I could watch.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on this hot deal February 3rd only!  If you like the the old west legend tales, biographies and history...this is definitely for YOU!

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