Sunday, September 1, 2013

Super Busy!

I've been so super busy that blogging just hasn't been a priority.  I really haven't been 'couponing' as much as I would like but I'm super busy.  Eric's been gone for a little over 1 MONTH (yay!), we've got 8 more to go!  The boys are back in school & Corey is playing football, which is 3 practice days a week & games on Saturday's. I'm still working 36 hours a week in addition to having all the household chores (inside & out) on me.  I've been getting back into exercising and trying to shed some weight. I plan to join the gym this week, which will make my schedule a bit more hectic.  I've still been doing my surveys & have really gotten some great BzzAgent Campaigns.  I will probably not post on here as much because things are just super busy.  If anything I will post updates, my surveys & mail.  Here are a few pics:

3rd & 2nd Grade

good luck to their teachers ;)

Camden Bears 2013!
Let's Go C!