Monday, September 1, 2014

Time to CASH in......

I had a REALLY good month!  Now that school has started & football season is here, I'm not sure I will do as well, but we'll see ;)  

Swagbucks: $65 Amazon Gift Cards, $50 Paypal

Valued Opinions: $20 Macy's Gift Card

Acop: $54.10 Paypal

I-Say: $25 Paypal

SurveySavvy: $9 Check

I-Poll: $25 Amazon Gift Card

E-Rewards: $25 Game Stop E-Gift Card

*These next two are not survey sites but easy ways to make money.  Ebates gives you cash back for certain stores when you shop online.  Why not get paid something back if your shopping online?  Also, Ibotta pays you for certain grocery items you may purchase.  One thing that seems to always be on there is milk.  All I do is use the app and take a picture of the receipt, scan the barcode, and wait for them to credit me the amount.

Ebates: $10.73 Paypal

Ibotta: $12 Paypal

Total: $295.83!!!!

That is AMAZING!  It really doesn't take that much work to do.  I normally spend maybe an hour a day, while doing other things too.  Swagbucks is the easiest for me to do. I can run the apps on my cell phone a good portion of the day while I'm working & make goals.