Monday, April 26, 2010

Everything was FREE after RR's & Coupons.
Dont remember the exact total, but I only paid tax.

Farm Fresh.

4 Marcal Paper Towels = FREE
2 Viva Paper Towels = FREE
6 Packs of Rice = .03 for ALL!!
TOTAL:    .03 plus tax = .85!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Wont be much blogging going on this week & maybe part of next week?  We're leaving for vacation monday morning.  Headed to Delaware to see family & friends. Im sure we'll have a great time.  The in-laws will be visiting once we get back.  Big Eric & his dad are going to try and complete our upstairs.  Hopefully everything goes smootly!  See you in a week :)


I know most of YOU are hip2save readers & have seen this picture/post!  But I still think its SO Im adding it to my blog, lol.  Silly, I know. is my picture of the FAMOUS lemon shirt ;)
(scroll up to see the actual post/picture).

mail day.

Okay, I admit.  I LOVE getting the mail.  I cant wait to see what we got for the day.  My husband knows he is NOT allowed to check the mail.  Yes, thats right. He is NOT allowed, lol.  Today was a pretty good day.
-Curious George Discover Card $5.00  -I purchased the movie on sale for $7 & got back $5 on this card. pretty cool, huh?
-Coupon for FREE Beech Nut Lets Grow Product.
-Homemade Simple Coupon Booklet. $30 worth of coupons!
-Atkins Sample Bar Pack

FREE magazines.

Who doesnt love FREE magazines!?!  These are just some of the magazines I get for free.  I dont read ALL of them...but I will 'search' for any coupons in there.  I also get maxium, baby talk, and should be getting OK really soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Farm Fresh.

Have I mentioned I LOVE Farm Fresh Doubles! Its right down the street so even if I dont get much, its worth the trip!
2 Ronzoni Pasta = FREE
Quaker Oatmeal = FREE
Scotch Brite Srub = FREE
Crystal Light = .49
TOTAL = .89


Sun Chips = FREE
DiGiorno = FREE
4 Blue Bunny Ice Creams = FREE
TOTAL = .68 ALL tax

CVS, Walgreens, & Walmart.

Dial = FREE after ECBs.
Dove Shampoo = FREE after ECBs.
2 Rolls CVS Toilet Paper = FREE
Easter Egg Kit & Candy = .40
TOTAL= .83

Schick Shaving Gel = FREE after RRs.
All the Easter stuff = $1.76
Paid with $1 RR

Schick Razors = FREE plus $1.03 in overage.
Easter Stuff = $1.45
Total= .63

Friday, April 9, 2010

Farm Fresh.

Normally they only double coupons on wednesday, BUT for this week they are doing it ALL week!  How exciting is THAT?!?!  There werent too many great sales as you'll see from my picture below. I did manage to get a few things.

2 2liters of Crush Soda = FREE
2 LifeSaver Gummies = FREE
Cesar Dog Treats = .21
Chinet Cups = .49
3 American Greeting Cards = .99 for all 3.
TOTAL = $1.87

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Farm Fresh.

*Prices are AFTER coupons.
2 Vitamin Waters = FREE
2 Sprites = FREE
1 Can Might Dog Food = FREE
1 StarKist Tuna = FREE
2 Febreeze Air Effects = .50 Each.
TOTAL: $1.47 (tax included).
Total BEFORE Coupons: $12.34

Marcal Napkins = .49 Each
BeechNut Biscuits = .19 Each
2 Packs Yellow Rice = .10 Each
Special K Cereal = 1.00
4 Boxes Kellogs Fruit Snacks = 1.00 Each
2 Bags Sargento Cheese = .50 Each
4 Pack Vitamin Water = .99
2 Febreeze Air Effects = .50 Each
2 6pks Nestle Bottle Water = .59 Each
2 Bags Snausages Dog Treats = .99 Each
TOTAL: $13.93
Before Coupons: $45.43

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Social Spark Member!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am slowly stepping into this blogging world one step at a time. Thanks to a friend of mine :::::hi danielle::::: she introduced me to SocialSpark. Boy, am I thankful she did! SocialSpark  compensates bloggers for giving reviews on items they have listed. I get to blog about my opinions and get compensated for my reviews! I love staying home with my children and being able to save/earn money is an added benefit. I think its awesome that we can send friend requests to other bloggers. I am able to see their blogs and interests as well.

I signed up yesterday and the process was pretty easy. I registered my blog, created my profile, and got to see what opportunities they had for me. I am really excited about this process! As a first time blogger, it is a bit overwhelming to me. With that being said, I have a great friend who is also registered at SocialSpark and LOVES it. This is going to be an incredible opportunity for me to experience blogging in a different way. Im sure you will see future reviews from me and I look forward to your comments/opinions. If you are interested, Sign up for SocialSpark!
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Stock Pile.

Here are a few pictures of my stockpile. Now let me remind you I have family visit every other month and they leave my house with shopping BAGS. I also keep some stockpiles downstairs in our bathroom & laundry room.


We signed little eric up for t-ball and he seems pretty excited. His first practice is in a few days & I cant wait.  Sports is very important to my husband & I and we'd like to pass that along to the kids.  Im hoping he'll make new friends.  Corey wants to play but the league here he has to be 5yrs old, so maybe next year?  Well, here's to a great season lil eric!

Walgreens - 15% Military Discount

When I first started shopping Walgreens I had NO idea that they offered a military discount.  According to their Corporate Office it's up to the store.  Luckily, most Walgreens I shop at do offer the 15% military discount.  There are some stipulations including:

-Military Discount is ONLY available on TUESDAYS.
-Some stores you have to make your purchase @ the cosmetic counter.
-Only 1 store has put a time limit in place on Tuesday which is 8am-5pm.

Now this 15% can turn deals into a pretty sweet money maker.  For instance with the Dove Shampoo/Condition they had last week.
Dove $4 = $4 RR =FREE
Add in the 15% Military Discount = .60 moneymaker! 


Stride Rite Gum  99-.99ECB = FREE
Colgate  2.99 -$1 coupon- $2 ECB = FREE
Complete Eye Care  8.99 -8.99 ECB =FREE

Monday, April 5, 2010


2 Oatmeals: .50 each.
1 U Kotex: 2.49 - will get $2.50 RR back.
3 Packs Highliters = .57. BUT there is also a rebate. Buy 3 packs & get $4.50 back! Profit of $3.93!
Total Spent: $3.56 -used a $3 RR to make my total .56 plus tax. Got back a $2.50RR plus the rebate.