Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today Burkes switched their dots which means 95% OFF!  My girlfriend & I (hi jennifer!) got to the store 10mins before it opened.  We wanted to make sure we got the 'good' stuff.  I mean, people literally have carts FULL of things!  I saw one lady in there that had TWO carts filled to the, actually overflowing!  I was able to get some GREAT deals but really nothing for my kids...which sucks!  Ahh well, there's always next month ;)

the cart.
I did make another trip later in the day, but it wasnt quite this BIG. pictures & the list are below!

17 mens shirts.
(14 of those were TAPOUT)!
10 pieces of baby clothing.

6 pairs of baby boots.
arent they cute?!

6 pair of junior jeans.

4 kids robes.
1 junior sleepwear set.

2 junior tops, 1 junior jeans, 1 skirts, and a mens black fleece.

1 baby boots, 2 junior applebottom shoes, 1 junior boots, 1 kids snuggie, 1 easter bunny decoration, 1 kids socks, 1 kitchen timer, 2 kids earmuffs, 1 winter head piece, a pair of gloves, 1 baby toy, 1 bra, 1 back roller, 4 mascara, 2 garnier skin renewal

gumball machine! im sure the boys will love this!

and 1 juniors winter hat!

 the pictures really dont show just how GREAT the items are!  im thinking i need a better camera! anyway on to the important topic...TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT:  $40.19!!!!!
I have a total of 68 ITEMS!  So, that equals out to be .58 per item!  SCORE!

Monday, May 21, 2012

love the deals!


105% savings!

farm fresh. (again).

sorry for all the farm fresh posts. they are having their super $2 coupon event, so i've been getting all the deals i can.  the sale ends tomorrow so you won't have to see too many more ;)

2 powerade, 2 v8, 4 pasta, 2 mayo, 3 mustard, 2 ice tea, 2 softsoap, 1 package of meatballs, 2 hot dogs, 1 kraft macaroni, 1 garlic bread.

*actually, negative .01!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

4 cookies, 4 v8 juices, 4 ice teas, 2 powerades, 3 pasta noodles, 4 jellos, 1 salsa, 2 grey poupon, 4 m&m's, 1 mayo, and 1 jello flag mold.
Total:  ZERO!  
*my total actually went into the negative but farm fresh doesn't give money back....fine with me!  I walked out paying NOTHING.  the jello flag mold was FREE with 3 jello purchases.

savings 103%
I did 2 transactions. my 2nd was only for 2 juices & 2 ice teas. my total was -.06!

farm fresh!

1 mustard, 2 mayo, 4 powerade, 1 softsoap, 1 neutrogena face wash, 3 bbq sauses, 4 ice teas, 4 pasta noddles, 1 always pads, 1 pantyliners, 1 tide stain release, 1 dog snausages, 3 m&m's, 1 grey poupon, 1 reach dental floss, 1 salsa

total:  .30!
thanks to the coupon overage my total was .30!  well, 
actually I got paid $5 bucks.  farm fresh has a policy if their item rings up incorrectly,  you get that item FREE.  the always pads were advertised for $3.99, but rung up at $4.99.  So, I got $5.32 back!


the last thursday of every month burkes outlet has a 95% off sale on a specific colored dot.  last month the dot was gray. everything tagged that color was a whopping 95% off!  here's what I got:

5 kids shirts
2 pants (the light blue are NIKE)
1 toddler set of pjs
3 books
12 hat & glove sets
and a coat (see below)
= $8.31 minus the $5.00 coupon I had = $3.31!

forgot to add the picture of the coat I got :)

probably one of my best 'trips' yet.  farm fresh had plenty in stock so there was no shelf clearing ;)
I did 4 transactions = $2.46!
31 boxes of pasta
2 pepsi
18 powerade
6 ice tea
2 salsa
4 mustard
2 grey poupon
2 applesauces

* the pasta was ONLY .75, but I had 1.00 coupons that were doubling to 2.00, making 1.25 in overage.  they only double 2 'like' coupons in a transaction so i made 2.50 per transaction which I used towards my other items.

100% savings!

99% savings!  I lost the 4th receipt but it the total was .67!

Friday, May 18, 2012

just sayin ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dollar General
Sun Drop Soda on sale 2/$2, used (4) $1 coupons = FREE!

9 Starbucks Refreshers used 9 FREE ITEM coupons from the Pepsi Co Insert.
= ALL FREE plus I got back a .99 register reward for each.  I did have to ring them up separately, but it was worth the $8.91 moneymaker.

Farm Fresh = FREE.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


3 gold peak tea
6 2liter sodas
3 dish soaps
2 packs of cookies

7 krafts sizzling salad kids

Saturday, May 12, 2012

FREE plus a good moneymaker at Walmart.
the trial size beneful dog food is priced at $1 pair with the $2 coupon in the 4/29 SS = FREE plus $1 oversage.  The Bug Stop is priced at $2.88 pair with the $3 printable coupon = FREE plus .12 overage!
12 bags of purina = FREE plus $12 in overage
2 bug stop = FREE plus .24 in overage!