Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farm Fresh.

Super Doubles at Farm Fresh!!

2 Beggin Strips
2 Nestle DrumStick Ice Creams
(6) 1 Liter Sodas
2 Tide Pods
10 Vitamin Waters
2 Franks Hot Sauce
2 L'oreal Kids Shampoo
2 French Spicy Mustard
2 Kens Salad Dressings
2 Salt N Pepper Shakers
1 Always Pantyliners
2 Kit Kat Packs
4 Campbells Go Soups
2 Gravy Sauces
1 Neutrogena Face Wipes
Total:  $2.59!

I got some overage somewhere, I was expecting to pay about $7 dollars. 

Farm Fresh Super Doubles.

It feels like forever since Farm Fresh has had a decent sale.  They've changed their store ads and also their sale prices, so lately the sales haven't been great.  This week they are doubling coupons up to $2! Yay!  I went and got some great deals......FINALLY!  Here is my trip listed below:

190 Vitamin Water
3 Lawry's Marinades
2 Weber BBQ's
2 Dog Busy Bone Treats
2 Nivea Lip Balm
2 Loreal Kids Shampoo
1 Reese Cup
Total: $1.26!


(4) 1 Liter Dr Peppers
(4) 1 Liter Mountain Dews
20 Vitamin Water
1 Hawaiian Punch
1 Relish
1 Gillette Men's Aftershave
4 L'oreal Kids Shampoo
4 Beggin Strips
2 Busy Bone Dog Treats
3 Neutrogena Travel Face Wipes
1 Gillette Men's Shaving Cream
2 CoverGirl Eye Shadow
2 Breyers Ice Cream Syrup

Two Transactions, Total = $ 5.52  ($3.20 was tax)

Saved 98% & 100%!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's that time again....

It's been awhile since I've 'cashed' in on my surveys through different companies. Some companies I did great with, others I did okay.  Here is a round up of what I'm expecting!

MyPoints- 1 $25 Gift Card & 1 $10 Gift Card to Red Lobster. I still have 2400 points left, which would get me a $10 gift card.  If you're interested in this program I can send you a referral link!  This is similar to ebates as you shop and earn points through certain websites.  You can also take surveys to earn points or click through their emails. Printing coupons is another way to earn points! For every coupon printed & redeemed, you earn 10 points! Very simple!

Surveyhead- $25 Walmart Gift Card.  This survey company is now called I-poll.  I typically don't get emails for their surveys, I have to go to their website and click on them myself.  I have noticed the rewards are MUCH better than before.

Opinion Outpost- $17 transferred directly to my Paypal Account. Another great survey company!

E-Poll- $20 Gift Card to Red Lobster.  Every email they send me, I'm accepted for their surveys. This is a great company and actually one of my favorites.

I-Say- Cashed out for $25 directly to my Paypal Account.

E-Rewards- I have not cashed out for this yet. I'm att 118 points, but need 145 to get a $50 Starbucks Gift Card.  I have enough to cash out for $25 but I'm going to be patient and wait.

SurveySavvy- Most of the time I don't qualify for these surveys but I still cashed out for $15.50, which will be sent via Check.

ACOP- This is an okay survey site. I do more test products than anything. The surveys are pretty rare though.  I cashed out for $15.15 which will be sent to my Paypal Account.

Valued Opinions- This is another great site that I get plenty of surveys from. I just cashed out for a $20 amazon gift card, I'm waiting for some 'pending' surveys to clear so I can cash out for another $20 amazon gift card.

In addition to have great rewards, I've been able to try LOADS of products for free!!!  The companies are interested to get MY opinion so I get paid plus get a cool product to try!  Surveys are a great way to make some extra money.  They won't get you rich, but they are fun & easy to do!