Friday, December 7, 2012

busy & deals.

I've been super busy with ALMOST finishing my first semester back to school. I have one project & one more final exam!  yay!  Of course, I'm taking spring classes but it will be nice to have a MONTH off!  Anyways, both boys are playing basketball...I'm working about 35 hours a week, plus going to school full-time.  I really haven't had time to get deals!  Well, I did for cyber-monday and I did all my black friday shopping online too.  Haven't been couponing at farm fresh in quite some time, it just seems like the deals aren't as good anymore.  Wednesday's are my super busy & long days, so I really don't feel like stopping there for 1 or 2 good items. I'm hoping they start having good deals again.  Just wanted to pop in, hopefully after the holidays I can get back to blogging, but I really don't know! Things are hectic ;)