Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Farm Fresh.

Freebies @ Farm Fresh.
8 Fuze Drinks
6 Resolve Sprays
2 Reynolds Wrap
2 Slim Fast Bars
2 EAS Protein Bars
Tax: $1.44

Here are a few of the NOT Free Items ;)

2 Ziploc Bags: they were supposed to be $2.49 each, but rang up $3.99 each.  Went to customer service I got one box free (their policy if an item is signed/rings up incorrectly) plus my doubled $1 coupon = .49 for both!
1 Jif: .50
2 Pringles: $1.00 for both
2 Tyson Anytizers: $1.00 each
total: $4.41


I only had $5 RR to start out with. I did separate my transactions. My total OOP was $7.33.  I still have $7 in RR's & will get back a $10 Rebate for the a little bit of a money maker ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rite Aid.

3 packs huggies: $10.97, will get back $10 gift card plus $6 in up rewards! a little moneymaker :)
1 crest toothpaste: 2.99- 1 manf coupon = $1.99, got back $2 up rewards...FREE
1 Lamisil: 7.99 - $2 manf = $5.99, get back $6 SCR .....FREE
Peppermint Tea: .92, got back $1 up reward = FREE.
After coupons & previous up rewards my total was $12.XX.
But as listed above I will get a $10 RA Gift Card, $6 SCR, & $9 in Up Rewards.
Oh, and I paid with a Rite Aid Gift now money out of pocket for me :)

FREEBIES @ Farm Fresh!

Not many good sales this week but I'm always up for FREEBIES!


Not sure how I got 2 Trio I didnt even think it 'went thru'....but the kids were happy ;)
I also got the American Apparel Bra....umm, yeah.  It ties all up like a bikini top & I dont think it is something I can use, lol.  Oh, and a $5 check from U30.


this is all the stuff I purchased LAST year at 90% off! I dont need to buy ANY costumes this year...woohoo!!!  I think its always wise to stock up when things are discounted so much.

Monday, September 20, 2010


only had $4 ECBS to start with.
Xtra = FREE after $2 coupon from CRT machine.
Glad Plug-in = FREE after $1.50 coupon from CRT machine
Revlon Lipstick  6.99 - $2 = $4.99 (got back $5 ecbs)
2 Edge  $2.79 - bogo coupon = $2.79 (got back $1.80 in ecbs).
4 Promax bars  2/$3 - 2 bogo coupons = $3
Used a $3/$20 coupon from CRT & $4 ebs
total w/tax: $4.96
got back $6.80 in ecb's.

Farm Fresh.

goldfish crackers = free
6 campbells soups = free
fuze drinks = .01 each!
total w/tax:  .42!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


 e-Rewards. (another survey site).
2 FREE previously viewed dvds from blockbuster.
my husband went with my & obviously he found the movies ;)
Checks in the mail (I didnt take a picture...opps.
Parents (from the lunch totes I bought at walmart): $4.96
Rite Aid Single Check Rebate: $13.17
Kelloggs Try Me Free Cinnabon Cereal Rebate: $2.99

Free Magazines!
Maxim, Four Wheeling, Woman's Day, Family Circle, & Sports Illustrated.

$12 Check From SurveySavvy


There was some confusion with this transaction. Somehow my order got totaled with the lady in front of me (who already left).  I wasnt paying attention & just swiped my wasnt until I looked at my receipt I noticed the total of $12.93!!!!  Everything in the picture was FREE except the People magazine, which after my coupon would have only been $1.99.  I went to customer service & since they messed up I got EVERYTHING FREE!!!  When they make a mistake you are entitled to that free product, well since ALL my products but the magazine were free (after coupons)......they gave me the magazine free! I didnt even pay TAX :)  woohoo!!!

Also, I went tuesday night to pick up some more sprite @ $1.99 for the 6pks.  Of course with my luck they were ALL out & the sale ended that night. I decided to ask for a rain check....much to my surprise I was told when an item in the ad is out of stock you get that item FREE.  How is that for good customer service?!?!  I really do love our local Farm Fresh! They are so coupon friendly & love to see what I save!  

Sunday, September 12, 2010


my favorite SEASON!!!!  FOOTBALL is finally HERE!!! My boys play @ 8pm TONIGHT!!! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

farm fresh.

Total:  $5.30

Total: .68

Total: .13

Total: .13

loves seeing the receipt!
number of items purchased: 10
savings: 97%

number of items: 10
savings of 100%!!!
only paid the tax :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

guess what I got at cvs? another $3 off as seen on tv coupon from the crt machine! how cool is that?
total: $2.57 ($1.61 was tax).
got back: $4.99 ECBs.

can you guess who took my camera?

every now & then when I go to upload pictures...I'll get a few surprises, lol.  little eric will randomly take my camera, take pictures, and than put it back where it belongs.  the train is a major giveaway ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010


$10 Gift Card From Mypoints.
$25 & $5 Gift Card From Rite Aid July Skin Care Rebates.
*Also got $20 Amazon E-Gift Card From Valued Opinions.
$5 Amazon E-Gift Card From Swagbucks.

$10 Check Back To School  Rebate
$3 Check Cortaid (Walgreens Deal).

Host A Party!!!

I was SELECTED!!! Woohoo!!!  I'm hosting a Capri Sun Party! My party pack included:
-2 boxes of capri sun juices
- 1 tote bag
-15 frisbees
-15 penical cases
-11 capri sun coupons
-11 refrigerator magnet

I'm so EXCITED! This will be the FIRST party I've ever hosted :)
Aqua Globes $2.99 - $3 CVS Coupon From CRT Machine = .01 Profit
Wheat Thins $1 - $1 Manf. Coupon = FREE

Family Dollar.

Total: $2 plus tax.
*I've been trying to pay $1 or less per laundry detergent bottle.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Im thinking we arent getting what everyone is expecting....or so I hope.  I plan to watch the news at noon just to see whats happening.  I know years ago when isabelle came thru all the navy ships were pulled from the docks.  They arent doing it this time...which makes me think we're getting more of a 'tropical storm'.  I guess we'll just wait & see. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

farm fresh.

farm fresh has a great promotion going where you can buy specific products and get back a $10 coupon or $5 coupon off your next purchase. my first  transaction this morning was $12.89 out of pocket BUT I got back a $10 coupon off ANYTHING.  The pictures/prices below are from me 'rolling' the deals.  Paired with manf coupons plus the farm fresh promotion I came out great. I did have to spend almost $13 bucks to get it going but it was so worth it. 
total: $12.89

total: .20

total: .20

2 edys ice cream
2 st. ives body wash
2 keebler cookies
4 rice krispie treats
4 boxes of mini wheats cereal
2 (4) pk dannon yogurts
2 tubs of butter
2 bumblebee tuna fish
5 boxes of capri suns
1 box success rice
1 taco bell tacos kit
1 tyson anytizer wings
1 pack solo plates
total: $4.65

rite aid.

total: $8.93
scr: $11.93
up rewards: $3


everything was free except the bagels. they were .68 each.
total: $1.36 plus tax