Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I seriously love the Ibotta App.  Most of the time there are items on the app that I purchase often, and why not get paid for buying items we need/use?  Often times they will offer cash back on NON-brand specific items such as milk, pasta sauce, bread, cookies, etc.  Once I reach $10, I cash out via Paypal.  Two good offers that I found in Walmart were actually FREE after I got the cash back. 

*This offer is worth $2.50 for Borden Cheese.  As you can see below, our Walmart has it priced at $2.32! So this is not only FREE after the cash back, but a little bit of a moneymaker (.18). 

*There was a HIGH value offer on this Zico Chocolate Drink.  Ibotta was offering $4.00 on this! Well, as you can see it's priced at $3.98, but to sweeten this deal I had a $1.00 off coupon.  I paid $2.98, but will get the FULL $4.00 back!  Ibotta will also offer bonuses.  For example, if you claim so many rebates they will give you a bonus of $1 or $2.  They did a bonus for Halloween with $5.00 cash back if you purchased a certain number of products & at a certain price.  This isn't a 'get rich' app by any means, but you might as well earn a little back on the products you typically buy.

*If you haven't joined Ibotta & would like to try it out, click here.  It's very simple to join & the app will walk you through the steps to get your rebates.

Smiley 360.

I'm a member of Smiley 360.  Join Smiley360This is similar to Bzzagent & House Party.  They offer different 'missions' for you to try depending on your profile.  I was offered this Tazo Chai Tea Mission.  The picture below is what my package contained: some information, 3 samples, & 3 FREE Tazo Coupons to try their products.  In return, they would like me to tell them how I felt about the product & take a quick survey.  This is a GREAT way to try new things.


This deal was mentioned on Hip2save & it worked at my local Walgreens.

Buy 1 Caress Body on sale for 2.99, the second one will ring up half off so 1.49.
I went on Tuesday to get my military discount at 15% so I paid $2.55 for the first bottle & $1.27 for the second.  I also had two .75 off coupons making my total drop down to $2.32 for BOTH.  Then I got back a $3 Register Reward which is like using 'cash' at Walgreens. So this deal was actually a moneymaker for me.

Monday, October 26, 2015


I did three separate transactions to maximize my savings. I did all three the exact same. 

1 Colgate Toothpaste- 2.99 on sale
I get military discount on tuesday which is 15%, so the price went down to $2.55 minus $2.00 coupon = .55 each! BUT this week there was a $2.50 Register Reward.  That makes this deal almost a $2.00 moneymaker! The Register Rewards are like cash that can be used pretty much on anything in Walgreens.

Total Paid for All 3 - $1.65
Got Back - $7.50 in Register Rewards

Farm Fresh Super Doubles!

Farm Fresh is having Super Doubles! That means coupons up to $2 will double!  

1 Pumpkin - FREE
2 Busy Bone Dog Treats - .50 each
2 Bags of Dog Food - 1.59 each
4 Yogurts - .25 each
2 Avent Pacifiers - FREE
2 L'oreal Shampoo/Conditioner - .59 Each
Total: $6.36!

*I got back $1.00 from Ibotta  for buying 3 yogurts. So, that would bring my total to $5.36!

Deal #2

1 Box Popcorn - FREE
2 L'oreal Shampoo/Conditioner - .59 each
1 Package of Huggies Diapers - 3.97
2 Bags of Combos - .09 each
1 Pack Beggin Strips - FREE
1 Gain Laundry Pacs - 1.49
Oxi Clean Laundry Spray - FREE
3 Packages of Hot Dogs - .97 for all
Total: $7.79

* Note the diapers ALONE cost $9.99 before sales & coupons.  So this was a great deal!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I've really started getting back into Walgreens.  I'm not a fan of their Register Rewards (I tend to forget to use them), but with their sales prices & my military discount, I can score some GREAT deals.

2 Arizona Ice Teas
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Package of Huggies Diapers
1 Package of Wipes
2 Hefty Slider Bags
1 Colgate Toothpaste
3 Dawn Dish Soaps
1 Orbit Gum
2 Dial Body Washes
2 Proganix Shampoo & Conditioner

Total Before Savings, Military Discount, & Coupons: $71.08
After Discounts & Coupons: $27.81
Bonus: Got Back $2.25 for Ibotta, 1560 in Balance Reward Points, & a $2.50 Register Reward

*Note: If you are NOT an Ibotta user, I urge you to join.  You can get cash back on things like bread, milk, yogurt, etc.  It's not a lot but it does add up.

*Just to give you a bit of insight the Shampoo ALONE goes for 9.99  as well as the Condition, so that's $20 right there, and I paid $27 for EVERYTHING.  Now, I would NEVER pay that much for Shampoo or Condition.  In fact, after the sale, coupons, and discount...each bottle was .85 CENTS!

back and ready to PARTY!

Wow! I'm baaacccckkkkk!  I haven't made a post since January! Geesh!  I finally had the baby & after a rough pregnancy, recovery, post-partum...I am finally feeling a bit better.  I'm getting back into couponing & doing all my online stuff as well.  Which leads me to this post:

I was selected to host a House Party!  This is my second one in just 2 months, so I'm pretty excited.  I'm hosting a Rosatello Wine Party!  My party pack items are below:

ehh, not the BEST picture but it'll work.

9 Plastic Wine Cups
Red Circles- Compact Mirrors
1 Bottle Opener
2- $15 Visa Gift Cards to purchase the wine.
Several Card Packets with Information on Rosatello.

*I urge you to try and apply to these house parties.  It's been awhile since I've gotten selected but they are SO much fun.  Not to mention, they give GREAT party packs!