Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cashing in on surveys!

*Valued Opinions: $20 Macy's Gift Card

Ebates: $51.14!
*I love EBATES! I use this for ALL my online shopping, even if it only adds a few cents.  Those 'few cents' can certainly add up.  Why not earn money for simply shopping online? It's simple to use & obviously is worth it ;)

*I'm starting to get better at using Swagbucks.  I've been slacking for awhile, but really want to get back into it.  I was able to snag a $5 Amazon Gift Card and I'm 19 pts away from another.

*my FAVORITE survey site by far....Ipoll! I cashed out for $50 via paypal.  I typically make around $50 a month from this survey company, which is really good.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

House Party!

Host a House Party!

I got selected!

*Dixie Ultra Moments*

I rave ALL the time about House Party!  You get to try items for absolutely FREE  In return, you have to host a party & let your guests see/try the products.  Sounds like a great deal, right?!  In this package I got 
-Dixie Ultra Moments Plates, Cups & Napkins
-Stack of Memo Note pads
-Calendar Magnets for the Fridge
-and a handful of $4.00 off COUPONS!  

The plates are absolutely gorgeous & perfect for the spring time!  This will be great to use at our upcoming BBQ!  If you aren't familiar with House Party, please click here.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Walmart Shopping Trip

Walmart Shopping Trip:
$3.82 plus tax
* I will get back $1.00 from Ibotta for purchasing the yogurt which made that item FREE.  I will also get back .75 from Checkout51 for purchasing the Fiber One Fruit Snacks, paired with a coupon I paid .50 for the box.

2 Bottles of Ajax Laundry Detergent .50 each
1 Box of Fiber One Fruit Snacks .50
1 Benadryl Stick  .38
1 Almay Lip Balm .47 
1 Almay Eye Shadow .47 
1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt 1.00

After Coupons, Ibotta, & Checkout51 total spent =  $2.07!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday! Farm Fresh Shopping Trip!

* I got ALL this for UNDER a DOLLAR!

First Shopping Trip
Total Spent: .66!
and, I actually MADE money off of this. I will get back $1 from Ibotta & $1 from Checkout51 for purchasing the Ritz Crackerfuls! 

Second Trip:
Total Spent: .26!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

a few deals....

I headed out today to pick up a few deals.  I actually spent less than $3 bucks if you take into account the $3 rebate from CheckOut51.  Not to mention, I got a $2 bonus as well, making it $5 I earned!

Walgreens: .91!

CVS: $2.56 but I will get back $3 from CheckOut51, so a little bit of a moneymaker.

Walmart: .21!
*Loving the FREE markers!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All Smiles....

*After almost NINE long months my HUSBAND is HOME!  This is a picture of us on vacation!  The boys were SO surprised to see daddy!  We are enjoying every minute of having him home!

*we pulled off the surprise!

and hopefully I will get to shop more! between work & wrestling I couldn't shop on Wednesdays.  Oh, and a mini-brag, Corey is traveling to MD for a Regional Tournament! He placed 1st in VA & qualified! Woohoo!!

Farm Fresh Shopping Trip: $4.62
Minus1 Reese's Cup missing - my oldest was a big hungry ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Farm Fresh.

The deals for today. 
 They were already sold out of the free toothpaste but I did get a rain check.

$9.83 Spent
67% Savings