Friday, November 29, 2013

Cashing In!

It's about that time where I update on my surveys & other 'cash' earning sites.  Now, I do these in my spare time since I do work.  Most surveys don't take too long and I actually really enjoy them.  I did a post about this back in May, you can click HERE to see more details.

Mypoints: $10 Red Lobster Gift Card

Valued Opinions: $20 Macy's Gift Card. I also cashed out for another Macy's Gift Card, which should be here in 2 weeks. Most of the surveys this company emails me, I do qualify for.

Surveyhead: $50 Paypal.  This survey company doesn't email directly, so I log-in daily to see the surveys available.  I normally do pretty good with this company as well.  They do offer some high paying surveys which I tend to try and do.

I-Say: I cashed out for $15 (Paypal) last week.  This company normally offers quite a few test products.  So not only do you get paid for trying a product, but it's normally something pretty cool as well.  I've had some great products sent to me.  

E-Rewards: $25 Game Stop E-Gift Card.  This survey company is okay, but they don't offer very many rewards that interest me. 

Ebates:  If you do a lot of online shopping, Ebates is a great way to earn cash on purchases.  There are several other websites that offer a similar program, but for me, Ebates is the best.  They offer a percentage back on the purchase you made, but you have to go through their website.  It's super easy!  I had $10.78 sent to me already.  I believe they send their payments quarterly, and so far I have $19.54 pending for the February Payment.  

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Some freebies at Walgreens today.  I didn't pay anything except tax.  The tape dispensers are too CUTE!  Hip2save posted these deals earlier in the week.


I haven't shopped at CVS for quite some time but I recently completed a survey for them & got $5 in ECB's.  I headed over to CVS and after my ECB's, I spent .40!  I also got back  another $5 in ECB's.  

Food Lion.

I found more coupons to do this excellent deal!

4 Tresemme & 1 Suave Lotion - .96!

Did this transaction twice so my total for 8 Tresemme Products & 2 Suave Lotions - $1.92!

Monday, November 25, 2013


Walgreens had Purex Detergent for buy 1 get 2 free, pair this with coupons & you can get an excellent deal!

Total After Coupons:  $3.89

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Huge Score at Food Lion!

Huge thanks to The Coupon Challenge for posting this deal! I was able to score 

Buy 4 TRESemme Products
1 Suave Lotion
Total - .94!  Awesome Deal!

To see the exact match-ups click HERE

I had plenty of inserts, thanks to my younger sister in Delaware!  I was able to get a total of 16 TRESemme's & 4 Suave Lotions! 

Farm Fresh Super Doubles.

Whew! It's been a long time since I've shopped Farm Fresh.  This week they had Super Doubles so I was able to catch a few good deals.  See the pictures below:

Everything was FREE Except:
Ghiradelli Chocolate: .19 each
Dove Shampoo: .79 each
Capri Sun: .39 each
Cinnamon: .19 
Mueller's Pasta: .15 each
Total: $3.23 plus tax

Mueller's Pasta - .15 
Capri Suns- .39 each
Skippy Peanut Butter - .50 each
Beneful Dog Food - 2.69
Beneful Treats - 1.19 for BOTH
Alpo Canned Dog Food - .29 each
Reynolds Wrap - .19
Suave Lotion -  FREE
Total: $5.29 plus tax


I'm still trying to catch up on the 'old deals'.  This was last month.  There was a $4 printbable for the razors which were $3.98 so FREE.

There was a $6 off 3 Gillette Products, as you can see I had several coupons and the Gillette were $1.98 each so ALL FREE! Just paid tax :)

House Party!!

House Party is a FANTASTIC opportunity!  Now, I've heard some people have applied for loads of parties and NEVER get selected.  I believe this might be my 5th House Party.

12 Clinical Secret Deodorants
3 Pair of Sunglasses
4 Headbands
1 Micorphone
1 $10 Itunes Gift Card
12 Packets of Coupons (Including a coupon valid for FREE Clinical Secret Deodorant in each).

This was awesome to host & I loved the package!! Afterwards, my youngest son wanted to send his dad the sunglasses & headbands in a care package.  We got this picture from him the other day:

ha! I absolutely love that he did this!!  


I've mentioned doing Bzzagent on quite a few of my posts.  They offer great products to try for FREE, as long as you BUZZ about them!  This is a very simple way to try some awesome products and review them as well.  It's a very simple process and one of my favorite websites.  Here are the 2 products I tried back in September:

Cyber Hoop Nerf Basketball!
My youngest son LOVES this!!  He was able to see his stats on my iphone & try to do slam dunks!  

Magic Jinn.  The boys had fun with this at first, because it was something new & different. They don't play with it anymore. I think this might for younger children.

*As you can see, these are great products to try & keep for FREE!!  I've done several other campaigns for them as well.  They are always a blast!


I rarely ever get to post the deals I get anymore do to a hectic schedule.  Tomorrow, marks 4 months down on this deployment, 5 left! yay!! Football will be over for Corey this weekend but next month starts a full sports schedule again.  Both boys will be doing basketball, and corey will start his wrestling season.  Between that, work, and their school ... I'm always on the go with barely anytime to update on here.

As most of you know, Little Eric had his appendix taken out on Monday.  We went to the hospital sunday due to bad stomach pains, which of course led them to his appendix & an ambulance ride to CHKD in Norfolk. We got home yesterday & he's doing SO well! I will just copy & paste my update from facebook:

we are HOME! First, let me say this status will be a bit long. Prayers REALLY do work. The surgeon told me it was a great possibility his appendix had ruptured. His blood work showed indication of it as well as some fluids on the ct scan. I prayed & asked for prayers, and thankfully it DID not. The surgeons & nurses all said how CLOSE it was to being ruptured and not only that, but it had gangrene as well. This is a very SERIOUS infection. Had his appendix ruptured, big eric would have came home, which just tells you the severity of it. He's a very lucky boy. So, a huge thank you to all the prayers, emails, messages, calls, and so forth. Thank you to Cindy Tucker Ward for taking care of corey for me. A huge thank you to Tiffany Treusch for visiting me while I sat alone in the hospital while he was in surgery. Despite me telling her I was okay, she still traveled to see us. She helped take care of Corey for two days & our pets. I've been blessed with amazing friends. I had not left the hospital from Sunday-Wednesday, and I knew Corey was well taken care of. Also,a huge thanks to my mama Kathy Steele, who I also told I was fine but she insisted on coming to be with me during this time. She drove the almost 5 hour trip to be with me & little eric, and keep me sane. I'm very lucky to have her as my mama! She had to leave today, but wiill be back this weekend. Hopefully, no more hospital visits for a LOOOOONG time!

Photo: thumbs up!

Well, I think that pretty much covers everything! Looking forward to traveling home to Delaware next month for Christmas.  I will be posting some of the deals I've gotten here lately!