Monday, July 19, 2010

Rite Aid.

Total:  .14
Will Get Back $9.99 in SCR
Up Rewards: 7+1.50+2 = 10.50
*There is a MIR for the Zegerid but it states AFTER coupons.  I'm going to send in the information anyways & hope. The zegerid was FREE plus I made $1.00 ;)

This just cracks me up.....I dont know why. Not sure what we'll do with it....possibly donate?
It was 22.49 -$5(coupon)-$7 Uprewards = $10.49
Will get back $22.49 SCR
Profit of $12.00

*I did get some other things but kids were being a I didnt take pictures.  I should have a VERY nice rebate check from Rite Aid next month :)  woohoo!!

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