Thursday, March 10, 2011

Host A Party!!!

First, let me say I LOVE House Party! You sign up to receive products & just like they say HOST A PARTY! It's a great way to review/try a product & enjoy family/friends!

This is my second party I will be hosting.  A few months back I got to do capri sun, it was awesome!
This time I'm hosting a DiGiorno Pizza & Hoops Party!  Let me say my husband is BEYOND excited because he loves this pizza....and of course basketball ;)
This is what my kit included:
-DiGiorno Handbook (party tips).
-8 FREE pizza coupons & 15 $4.00 off pizza coupons for our guests.
-pizza cutter.
-refrigerator magnet clip.
-pot holder.
-basketball over timer.
-wet wipes.
-over the door basketball game.
-inflatable noisemakers (im sure the kids will LOVE this!).


  1. How fun!!! I'm jealous I have signed up for many parties and haven't been picked :(

  2. Jessica-
    I've applied for about 8-10 parties and been selected to host two. Not sure if its luck or what, but keep trying. They are a BLAST!