Tuesday, May 31, 2011

update on us.

me: not much going on except some terrible sunburn.  im fair skin, red headed & irish.....why did I NOT put sunblock on?!  I always have to learn the hard way. 

big eric: he is now LPO of a new 'set' which is AWESOME! He is really rockin it out at his new job! Im very proud of that man!

corey: my 'baby' graduates pre-k friday!  i'm hoping i dont cry.....yeah right ;) 

lil e- i find out tomorrow the results of his ADD evaluation although we pretty much know that IS what he has.  Unfortunately, he is going to need SOME type of medication to focus in school. we've tried just about everything except medication. I meet tomorrow with the specialist to go over the results....so fingers crossed for definite answers.

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