Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farm Fresh Freebies!

6 (2) litter sodas.
1 kc bbq sauce.
6 ken's salad dressings.
6 bottles of texas pete hot sauce.
3 healthy choice cafe steamers.

14 (2) liters.
2 ken's salad dressings.
2 texas pete hot sauces.
2 hormel meals.

not quite all FREE!
my girlfriend & I (hi jennifer) decided to make a late night trip to farm fresh. of course I scored more FREE soda ....16 bottles! yikes!  I plan to give quite a bit to family, friends, plus we like to have those summer bbq's.
2 deer park aqua waters = .50 each
1 bag chef michaels dog food = .49
Under $3 bucks after tax.

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