Thursday, August 18, 2011

counting down.

almost time for school!  we have 6 days!  im excited & nervous. the kids are going to a new school this year (the BEST one here) so im hoping they LOVE it.  i've heard nothing but good things about this school both from parents that have kids there & also read great reviews online too.  im nto worried about corey as he makes friends quick & is just mr. popular.  little eric is more like me (when i was younger)  quiet & shy. he normally doesnt open up at first & than tends to take to 1 or 2 kids. i guess we'll just wait & see how things go.  we have open house monday, that should be fun.

everything is labled, packed, & ready to go! new clothes, shoes, and everything else. here's hoping for a great school year!

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