Monday, March 19, 2012


just thought i'd post an update on how things are going.

dogs-  we made the hard & tough decision to get rid of 2 of our dogs.  we're had them since they were puppies (brothers).  they fight ALL the time to the point where they are actually going to try and kill one another. we've tried to keep them separated but its just impossible.  the last fight they got into was BAD.  it literally broke my heart to see them go but we can't keep doing this.  they wont stop.  we're hoping they get adopted out, but if they dont we will take them back....and if that happens we will have to find them new homes ourselves. i spent most of the day yesterday crying & just sick to my stomach. it really is just a tough situation.  i know its for the best but it doesnt make it any easier.  

kids- the boys are doing good.  they start baseball soon. corey will still be in t-ball and lil eric has moved up to the fast pitch machine...which i do NOT like.  that machine is FAST....i guess thats where they get the name, huh? it will be quite an adjustment but im sure he'll do great.  now i just need to figure out how to be at 2 fields at 1 time.  should be interesting.  both boys are doing well in school. im thrilled we made the decision to put eric back in first grade. it is where he belongs without a doubt.  he is doing much better but still has his struggles with reading.  we just take it day by day.  coreys doing great too.  he likes to be center of attention and the 'cool' guy, he is his daddys mini-me....without a doubt.

big e-  he's been working on his motorcycle and trying to get it finished so he can ride. im not thrilled with the whole 'motorcycle idea' but hey, its what he's always wanted.  he took the chief exam although he is not eligible to become chief yet.  he did make board & can submit a package for officer. im not 100% sure of the details but it makes sense when he tells me, lol.

me- im doing better.  i had my back appt a week ago. its finally all healed up!  well not 100% but its no longer cracked. i still have pain and probably will for awhile.  im just glad we are okay considering how bad the accident could have been.  lil e is completely healed as well.  he's doing very well with that arm.  i think that's about it for this update.

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