Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today Burkes switched their dots which means 95% OFF!  My girlfriend & I (hi jennifer!) got to the store 10mins before it opened.  We wanted to make sure we got the 'good' stuff.  I mean, people literally have carts FULL of things!  I saw one lady in there that had TWO carts filled to the, actually overflowing!  I was able to get some GREAT deals but really nothing for my kids...which sucks!  Ahh well, there's always next month ;)

the cart.
I did make another trip later in the day, but it wasnt quite this BIG. pictures & the list are below!

17 mens shirts.
(14 of those were TAPOUT)!
10 pieces of baby clothing.

6 pairs of baby boots.
arent they cute?!

6 pair of junior jeans.

4 kids robes.
1 junior sleepwear set.

2 junior tops, 1 junior jeans, 1 skirts, and a mens black fleece.

1 baby boots, 2 junior applebottom shoes, 1 junior boots, 1 kids snuggie, 1 easter bunny decoration, 1 kids socks, 1 kitchen timer, 2 kids earmuffs, 1 winter head piece, a pair of gloves, 1 baby toy, 1 bra, 1 back roller, 4 mascara, 2 garnier skin renewal

gumball machine! im sure the boys will love this!

and 1 juniors winter hat!

 the pictures really dont show just how GREAT the items are!  im thinking i need a better camera! anyway on to the important topic...TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT:  $40.19!!!!!
I have a total of 68 ITEMS!  So, that equals out to be .58 per item!  SCORE!

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