Sunday, September 16, 2012


I've got pictures on my camera from Farm Fresh's Mega $2 Coupon Event, which was over 2 weeks ago! I really need to catch up on things around here. Things have been crazy busy with me working 30hrs a week,  going to school full-time, not to mention the boys.  Corey's football practices are twice a week, plus games on Saturday.  I haven't really been couponing at cvs or walgreens in MONTHS. It just feels like the deals aren't worth it, and half the time the register reward from walgreens expires before I can use it.  I see their offering a new Balance Program, I guess I'll read more into it.  Lately, I just been couponing at Farm Fresh.  Every now and then I hit up Walmart, but they can be a pain!  Anyways, just wanted to pop in!  Oh, and NFL IS BACK!!!!  That takes up my Sundays, lol!!

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