Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make Money!


Okay, so you can't get RICH off doing surveys, but there's great potential for making a little extra money.  I will list a few of my favorirtes that generally pay well & also have a low pay out rate.  Right now, I have $123 in amazon gift cards all thanks to the surveys. I've probably gotten about $30 in checks within the past two months, and a $25 Red Lobster Gift Card a few months ago.  Now, in addition to earning money or gift cards, sometimes you get to test FREE products! I love testing products because I get to give my insight, but I'm also getting paid too! Here are some of the BEST survey sites I use!  Now, a word of advice...I have separate email account for all my survey companies, it just makes things easier for me that way.  If you decide to sign up, please you my link below, I get credit for referrals! Thanks!

Survey Savvy:  They send emails every 2-3 weeks, but the payout is pretty good. You can cash out at any time.  There is no minimum. You can request a check from them. I've had a few products I got to test through this company.

Epoll: Normally when you see this company send you an email, you almost ALWAYS qualify for the survey...which is great!  You can earn gift cards to amazon, resturants, or paypal.

Surveyhead: This one is a bit more work. I normally don't get their emails, but instead go to their website and try different surveys.  Sometimes, I dont qualify and sometimes I do.  The surveys do pay pretty good when you go qualify tho.

Valued Opinions:  One of my favorites! They will email you when they have a survey, most which you will qualify for. I normally cash out for amazon gift cards. The nice thing is as soon as you cash out, within 24hrs you get your amazon gift code.  Lately, I've been getting mine with 10minutes.  This company also does quite a bit of product tests.

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