Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Surveys!

I decided to keep track of my earnings for the month of June.  Check out the list below:

Swagbucks: $35 Amazon Gift Cards, $40 in Walmart E-Gift Cards

Surveyhead: $50 Paypal, $50 Walmart E-Gift Card

E-Rewards: $25 Starbucks E-Gift Card

Acop: $11.30 Paypal

*Bonus: I've had such great luck with Surveyhead (now considered Ipoll).  Not only did I get to cash out for the above gift cards but I was invited to TWO separate surveys with additional payouts.  One survey paid me an additional $15 in Paypal & another survey paid me a $30 Amazon E Gift Card!  I was super excited because this is in addition to getting the regular 'points'.  

Total for the Month: $256.30!

Consignment: I randomly take items that we no longer use to the consignment shop in town. They split the cost with me 50/50.  I went in the other day & came out with $23 in cash! Just wanted to throw the idea out there, that although 'we' may not need it, someone else might.  It's a nice way to add a little bit of money.

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