Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Walgreens - 15% Military Discount

When I first started shopping Walgreens I had NO idea that they offered a military discount.  According to their Corporate Office it's up to the store.  Luckily, most Walgreens I shop at do offer the 15% military discount.  There are some stipulations including:

-Military Discount is ONLY available on TUESDAYS.
-Some stores you have to make your purchase @ the cosmetic counter.
-Only 1 store has put a time limit in place on Tuesday which is 8am-5pm.

Now this 15% can turn deals into a pretty sweet money maker.  For instance with the Dove Shampoo/Condition they had last week.
Dove $4 = $4 RR =FREE
Add in the 15% Military Discount = .60 moneymaker! 

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  1. Allllllllllmost makes me wish DH was still in! ;o)