Friday, April 9, 2010

Farm Fresh.

Normally they only double coupons on wednesday, BUT for this week they are doing it ALL week!  How exciting is THAT?!?!  There werent too many great sales as you'll see from my picture below. I did manage to get a few things.

2 2liters of Crush Soda = FREE
2 LifeSaver Gummies = FREE
Cesar Dog Treats = .21
Chinet Cups = .49
3 American Greeting Cards = .99 for all 3.
TOTAL = $1.87


  1. That's it. Me and my coupon binder are coming to visit you and you're taking us to Farm Fresh. ;o) hehe

  2. haha!!! Id love for you to visit! Then maybe we'll head to PA & hit up kmart ;)