Saturday, September 18, 2010


There was some confusion with this transaction. Somehow my order got totaled with the lady in front of me (who already left).  I wasnt paying attention & just swiped my wasnt until I looked at my receipt I noticed the total of $12.93!!!!  Everything in the picture was FREE except the People magazine, which after my coupon would have only been $1.99.  I went to customer service & since they messed up I got EVERYTHING FREE!!!  When they make a mistake you are entitled to that free product, well since ALL my products but the magazine were free (after coupons)......they gave me the magazine free! I didnt even pay TAX :)  woohoo!!!

Also, I went tuesday night to pick up some more sprite @ $1.99 for the 6pks.  Of course with my luck they were ALL out & the sale ended that night. I decided to ask for a rain check....much to my surprise I was told when an item in the ad is out of stock you get that item FREE.  How is that for good customer service?!?!  I really do love our local Farm Fresh! They are so coupon friendly & love to see what I save!  

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