Wednesday, September 1, 2010

farm fresh.

farm fresh has a great promotion going where you can buy specific products and get back a $10 coupon or $5 coupon off your next purchase. my first  transaction this morning was $12.89 out of pocket BUT I got back a $10 coupon off ANYTHING.  The pictures/prices below are from me 'rolling' the deals.  Paired with manf coupons plus the farm fresh promotion I came out great. I did have to spend almost $13 bucks to get it going but it was so worth it. 
total: $12.89

total: .20

total: .20

2 edys ice cream
2 st. ives body wash
2 keebler cookies
4 rice krispie treats
4 boxes of mini wheats cereal
2 (4) pk dannon yogurts
2 tubs of butter
2 bumblebee tuna fish
5 boxes of capri suns
1 box success rice
1 taco bell tacos kit
1 tyson anytizer wings
1 pack solo plates
total: $4.65

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