Friday, October 29, 2010

i heart rite aid.

1 pack of huggies diapers
1 bayer contour (gave me the $30 in overage!)
1 spic & span cleaning brush
2 rave hairsprays
1 suave kids body wash
3 travel size tresemme hair products
1 lightning mcqueen bath set
1 matel cars set
2 lightning mcqueen body washes
2 spongebob toothpaste
7 NYC Nail Polishes (I think one is missing...should have been 8).
8 NYC Lip Glosses
and finally a 3 pack of poptarts.

the lightning mcqueen bath set & the empty package of matel cars ...I caved and gave to the boys......but my total for ALL this was $4.48!!! Plus, have $8 in UP Rewards left over.