Wednesday, October 20, 2010


SCR $17.98
$10 Rite Aid Gift Card

Johnsvillen Deli Bites Sampes
$5 Gift Card From EPOLL.

Woohoo! I've been selected to host a MyGetTogether Party!


  1. Okay, explain Rite Aid SCRs to me a bit, lol. Can you only request one check per month? I've got the UP rewards down, they are like CVS...but I've been more cautious with the SCRs.

  2. yes, only one check a wait until the very end or even after that particular month ends. Now, the gift cards you can request whenever...for example...I got a gift card for buying $25 worth of p&g items....once it showed that I qualified & had purchased enough items, I requested it right then.

  3. Thanks! :) My mom does Rite Aid and was telling me I could request checks whenever I wanted and I could have sworn I'd read only once a month. So, say I requested my check right now, and then I put in a reciept for this weeks SCRs later, would I just lose those rebates or would they just be added on to next months?

  4. No, you would lose them. So unless you know for 100% sure you are done with rebates this week, than you can request your check....but if not wait. I normally always wait until the last day.