Monday, January 31, 2011

i heart rite aid. seriously.

first let me say I LOVE RITE AID!  seriously, they have the best sales & wonderful customer service.  i hit 4 rite aids (dont worry they are all within 8-10 miles). some stores were already wiped out of the lays chips.  i did mess up the edys/lays deal to get the extra $5 up reward, i didnt feel like returning since i used coupons, etc.  i just went to another rite aid and did the same deal & made sure to get over the $15 mark, last time i was $3 short...grr.  i did 3 separate transactions @ 3 different stores (the 1st one i went too didnt have anything).
8 edys ice creams
10 lays chips
8 stayfree pads
2 cologate toothpaste
2 motrin om (rain check)
2 rite aid chapsticks (fillers)
1 coricidin medicine
4 boxes of milkbones
2 purina beggin strips
2 busy-bones (pups)
total oop: $3.95 ($2.12 of that was tax).
started out with $24 up rewards, got back $33 up rewards.
turns out to be just .09 an item.
total number of items: 41

1 comment:

  1. How funny we both hit up 4 different RA's, lol. The $5 only prints once so you didn't mess up too bad by being $3 short if you were going to do the deal again anyway.