Saturday, January 28, 2012

Burkes! 95% OFF!

I went to Burkes Outlet to see what I could find that was 95% off.  Some weeks I score nothing, and other weeks I score BIG.  This week I was able to get $293.XX work of stuff for $12.XX.  I always shop fridays because they offer an additional 15% off.  Most of the items pictured are for my nieces & nephews.  Unfortunately, they didnt have ANYTHING in my kids sizes.  Ahh, well.  The list below is everything I got. Some of the prices are listed as well.

4 Books (.25-.30ea)
1 Puzzle
1 Package of Hair Ties (.10)
1 Makeup Kit  (.30)
4 Onsies (.15-.30)
6 Pairs of Sunglasses (.30ea)
2 Garden Statues (.15ea)
2 Adult Shorts
8 Pajama Sets (.45ea)
5 Infant/Toddler Outfits
6 Infant/Toddler Shirts
4 Stuffed Animals (.30ea)

Amazing, huh?! Especially considering many of the items were name brand:  Carters, Apple Bottom, Mecca, and even Nike Jordan!

just a close-up of a few of the items.

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