Thursday, February 21, 2013


6 months.

9 months

Happy 1st Birthday Baby!

2 yrs with his big brother....and now for some OLDER pics.....

typical corey.....does NOT like his brother touching him.

my tough guy ;)

last years school pic.

always a true fan.

Happy 7th Birthday Corey Lee!!!

*His birthday always reminds me what a true blessing he is.  Most of you know his birth story, not breathing when I had him & being transported over an hour away.  I never got to hold, touch or even get a single picture when he was born until over 24 hrs later, and a different hospital.  He just wanted to come into this world giving his mama's problems ;)  The biggest baby in the NICU at 9lbs 2 ozs!  Love this little guy!

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