Friday, November 29, 2013

Cashing In!

It's about that time where I update on my surveys & other 'cash' earning sites.  Now, I do these in my spare time since I do work.  Most surveys don't take too long and I actually really enjoy them.  I did a post about this back in May, you can click HERE to see more details.

Mypoints: $10 Red Lobster Gift Card

Valued Opinions: $20 Macy's Gift Card. I also cashed out for another Macy's Gift Card, which should be here in 2 weeks. Most of the surveys this company emails me, I do qualify for.

Surveyhead: $50 Paypal.  This survey company doesn't email directly, so I log-in daily to see the surveys available.  I normally do pretty good with this company as well.  They do offer some high paying surveys which I tend to try and do.

I-Say: I cashed out for $15 (Paypal) last week.  This company normally offers quite a few test products.  So not only do you get paid for trying a product, but it's normally something pretty cool as well.  I've had some great products sent to me.  

E-Rewards: $25 Game Stop E-Gift Card.  This survey company is okay, but they don't offer very many rewards that interest me. 

Ebates:  If you do a lot of online shopping, Ebates is a great way to earn cash on purchases.  There are several other websites that offer a similar program, but for me, Ebates is the best.  They offer a percentage back on the purchase you made, but you have to go through their website.  It's super easy!  I had $10.78 sent to me already.  I believe they send their payments quarterly, and so far I have $19.54 pending for the February Payment.  

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