Thursday, March 13, 2014

show me the money....

*A few ways I make extra money AT home. By no means will you 'get rich' from taking surveys, but I do love getting some extra $$.  I often take survey's while I'm on the computer doing other things such as paying bills or emailing the husband.

Ebates: I scored a nice size check from ebates simply from shopping at home.  Most of this money came from shopping online.  If you have to shop online, you might as well extra money for doing so!  Check out the details HERE, on how you can earn cash back too. sent you $41.70 USD

Note from
Dear Valued Member, Thank you for using Ebates every time you shop online. Congratulations, here is your Big Fat Payment! Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about your payment or your Ebates account. Happy shopping! Sincerely, Ebates Customer Care
Thank you for using Ebates every time you shop online!

Surveyhead: A great survey company that pays YOU for taking surveys. I normally cash out for Paypal, but this time I opted for a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Valued Opinions: Another great survey company that pays for taking simple surveys. I often get to try 'products' for this company as well. I recently cash out for TWO $20 Amazon Gift Cards.

ACOP:  I was surprised to check my account balance and realized I had earned $46.60 for surveys!  These surveys don't come as often, but they normally product a good pay rate & offer great products to test.
Your cash-out request has been entered into the system. Your PayPal account will be credited for $46.60 within 1-6 weeks. Thank you very much for being a member of American Consumer Opinion®! 

I-Say-  This is an 'okay' company.  I typically don't earn as much or qualify for many surveys, but I will take the survey's when I'm already on the computer. Here I earned $15 via paypal.

Ipsos Interactive Services sent you $15.00 USD

Note from sender, Ipsos Interactive Services:
Thank you from i-Say!

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