Saturday, March 29, 2014

mail & survey.

It's always fun to get some 'good' things in the mail.  I received a $5 gift card from subway thanks to this post on Hip2save.  I also got 3 coupons for a FREE snickers bar.  Lots of people were winning from this particular sweepstakes.  Finally, I LOVE my FREE magazine subscriptions to my 'gossip' magazines.  US Weekly is my absolute favorite, so the fact I get is FREE is just great!

*I've cashed in for a few of my survey companies too!  Check below!

Swagbucks- $5 Amazon Gift Card

Ipoll- $50 Paypal 

Valued Opinions- $20 Amazon Gift Card
One thing I really like about Valued Opinions is the rewards are INSTANT.  As soon as I request the amazon gift card, within a minute it's in my email.

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