Saturday, April 23, 2016

House Party - Shari's Berries

Who doesn't love to host parties & try FREE products?!  I've been selected to Host a Shari's Berries House Party.  The first half of my packaged arrived this week.  You can see below the items that I got.  Next Friday, I will get a shipment of 24 Fancy Berries & 4 Cheesecake Trios!  I can't wait!

If you are interested in hosting parties, sign up at HouseParty.  The more you do, the more likely you'll be chosen as a host.  I've done several parties & all my guests had a GREAT time!  All you coffee lovers, there is currently a Dunkin Donuts Coffee Party coming up soon.  Click HERE to fill out the form & see if you get selected. 

*The Goodies!

*What will & has arrived in my packages!

*My three handsome boys trying out the cool stuff ;)


  1. A lovely House Party! Loved these arrangements. The party photo booth is awesome! I hosted a similar joyful and memorable family party last month at a venue Houston TX. Was awesome and full of fun. Everyone praised my arrangements!