Saturday, April 16, 2016


We ALWAYS need batteries in this house.  As you can see, someone already opened them before I could get my picture ;)  This deal was on Hip2Save.  I used a higher value coupon, so this was a good moneymaker for me.

6.49 x 2 = $12.98
Minus $3 Store Coupon - Will Deduct $6 since I bought 2
Minus (2) .75 Manufactor Coupons
= $5.48

*But look for the packages that are marked with an $8 Rebate for buying 2.  The Rebate is done online, all you need is the code inside (on the yellow sticker).  The refund takes about 4 weeks either via paypal or check.  This turned out to be $2.52 MoneyMaker.