Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Free Samples & Magazines!

There's nothing better than finding FREE Samples & Magazines in your mail box as opposed to bills!  If you follow Hip2Save, this is where ALL these samples & magazines came from. Notice some of the sample sizes are generous.  We are going on vacation next month & they are the perfect travel size.

Olay Body Wash
Colgate Mouthwash
Axe Deodorant Spray
Axe Daily Fragrance
Dove Body Wash
TRESemme Samples
Garnier Samples
Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies
Vega Essentials Shake Powder
Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola
Sundown Adult Multivitamin Gummies
Avalon Organics Face Cleansers

*Again, some samples are clearly just that...little thin packets with a one time use.  However, look at the Axe Samples.....perfect for traveling or even just to try.  The companies wants us to try their 'Free' samples in hopes that we will LOVE it & purchase in the future.

I do love my 'trash' magazines!  These two were completely free! I did have to fill out a survey which took maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes top.  Both magazines have a subscription for 2 years! I was in Walmart the other day and noticed People Magazine was $4.99!  Now keep in mind these magazines come weekly!  That's a great freebie!

I'm a member of Smiley360.  This company will have surveys that you can take to qualify for FREE products.  In return, they'd like for your feedback.  I've tried numerous products through this company & thoroughly enjoy it.  This time I got to try Centrum Vitamints!  I didn't really care for the Wintergreen as it tasted a bit 'too minty', but the Raspberry was really good.  They are chewable multivitamins & are natural too.

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