Thursday, February 3, 2011

customer service.

what a day. my girlfriend needed to go to rite aid today, so i decided to join her.  we hit about 5 different stores, she was trying to get the edys/lays deal.  well, at one particular store (it's one I don't go too) i noticed they had their hair color products on clrx for $2.99 paired with the $3.00 coupon in sundays paper = free product.  boy, was i wrong.  the cashier asked the assistant manager if i could use the coupon since it was .01 more than the product. the assistant manager firmly said 'no'.  hmm. i told her all she had to do was adjust the coupon down or she could price modify the item.  she refused to do either, saying it was THEIR policy to not mark down coupons. she insisted if she marked down the coupon they would not receive credit either (not true). she gave me corporates number & began flipping through her policy packet.  she was very rude & short with me. it was clear i wasn't going to get anywhere with this woman.  i told her she could keep the hair color i would go to another rite aid.  once we left, i immediately called corporate.  guess who was right?  me!  shocker, huh?!  we drove not even a half mile down the road where i did get my hair color (i don't even use it, lol) and they gladly accepted my coupon!  a few hours later the store manager calls me back and apologizes for the 'incident'.  he received the complaint from corporate and was none to pleased with the assistant manager.  he was very apologetic & so nice.  i told him my main problem wasn't the fact that she was an assistant manager and she didn't know their policy, but there was NO need for her to be so rude with me. the store manager agreed she was in the wrong and could have definitely marked the coupon down.  for my troubles he is mailing me a $10 gift card....not too shabby. i do appreciate his concern & being so helpful, but i think i will steer clear of that particular store.

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