Thursday, February 3, 2011

and now on to the deals.....

total oop: $4.39 ($2.00 was tax).
total items purchased: 23 (missing is a hersheys bar, i got hungry).
started out with $33 up rewarsd (i didn't use all of them), ended with $36 up rewards.
will get back: $7.99 scr.
2 milkbone dog treats
2 hartz dog treats
1 afrin
6 motrin pm (raincheck)
2 clariol hair color (one is hard to see in the picture)
1 finish dishwasher detergent
1 amo complete
2 lays chips
2 ky.....hey, it was a moneymaker ;)
2 spic n span disposable gloves
1 cow tail (yuck, but it was a cheap filler).
1 hershey bar (not pictured).

better picture of the free hair color.....

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