Sunday, February 6, 2011


i think im almost 100% again....finally.  i've been sick pretty much the whole month of january, than started february trying to get rid or mrsa. the only positive side of being sick was the weight loss.  im down 12 lbs!  i guess 2 stomach viruses & a sinus infection will do that to ya.  here's to hoping i dont catch anything else.....i think im set for the year ;)

oh, and i need to START planning corey's birthday. he will be FIVE two weeks! FIVE?!?!  not sure how that happened but i need to get planning.  he wants all the boys from his pre-k class to come to his party and only one girl. guess she's special ;)


  1. Glad you're feeling better, but not a fun way to lose 12lbs! Blech.

    I have already started planning Ava's 5th birthday :X I know, I'm crazy, haha. I can't believe Cory willbe 5 so soon!

  2. you are always ahead of schedule!! i'm SO behind this year. I think this will be the shortest amount of time I planned a birthday party :X