Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I seriously love the Ibotta App.  Most of the time there are items on the app that I purchase often, and why not get paid for buying items we need/use?  Often times they will offer cash back on NON-brand specific items such as milk, pasta sauce, bread, cookies, etc.  Once I reach $10, I cash out via Paypal.  Two good offers that I found in Walmart were actually FREE after I got the cash back. 

*This offer is worth $2.50 for Borden Cheese.  As you can see below, our Walmart has it priced at $2.32! So this is not only FREE after the cash back, but a little bit of a moneymaker (.18). 

*There was a HIGH value offer on this Zico Chocolate Drink.  Ibotta was offering $4.00 on this! Well, as you can see it's priced at $3.98, but to sweeten this deal I had a $1.00 off coupon.  I paid $2.98, but will get the FULL $4.00 back!  Ibotta will also offer bonuses.  For example, if you claim so many rebates they will give you a bonus of $1 or $2.  They did a bonus for Halloween with $5.00 cash back if you purchased a certain number of products & at a certain price.  This isn't a 'get rich' app by any means, but you might as well earn a little back on the products you typically buy.

*If you haven't joined Ibotta & would like to try it out, click here.  It's very simple to join & the app will walk you through the steps to get your rebates.

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