Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Farm Fresh - Sunday

Farm Fresh deals from this past Sunday.

*Note: Always check the Farm Fresh App before going.  As you can see, they offered $20 off when you spend $70 or more, FREE Banquet Dinner, and FREE Lipton Mix.  The Lipton Mix was already gone by the time I went Sunday.

Total: $75.86
After Coupons: $ 23.79

Items that were FREE:
2 - 3 Muskateer Packs
2 - Twix Packs
1 Banquet Dinner
2 Packages of Huggies Wipes
1 Saucers Beef Stew Mix
1 Mahatma Rice
2 - Vlasic Pickle Jars
2 - Air Wick Warmers

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