Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Last Day of Super Doubles!

Yesterday was the last day of Farm Fresh Super Doubles.  I wanted to grab the FREE toothpaste & see what else I could find.  Here's a tip I want to share... ALWAYS check your receipt before you leave.  I thought my total was a little high and noticed the dog food rang up for $13.99 instead of $9.99.  I went to customer service & showed the cashier the dog food & my receipt.  She had someone check to see if the item was priced incorrectly, and it was.  The shelf tag said $9.99.  So, here I am thinking I will just get the difference back......NOPE!  Farm Fresh has 100% Price Guarantee.  If an item rings up incorrectly AND is marked incorrectly, you get that item for FREE!! So, I got the whole amount refunded & kept the 16lb dog food!  Score!

16lb Bag of Dog Food - FREE
Pop-Tarts - FREE
Keebler Cookies - FREE
2 Colgate Toothpaste - FREE
2 BirdsEye Steam Fresh Veggies - FREE
6 Gerber Foods - $2 for ALL
1 Pampers Diapers - $6.97, but got back $1.50 from Ibotta

The coupons I had for the cookies & pop-tarts were printables I redeemed from Kellogg's Rewards.  If you purchase quite a bit of Kellogg's products, I highly suggest signing up.  You get points for the products you purchased, and you can redeem those points for high value coupons, etc.  It's really simple to redeem.  I simply text my receipt image to Kellogg's (893-32) & they calculate my points.  

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