Monday, March 7, 2016


I thought this would be a good post to talk about reading coupons.  Often people look at the picture on the coupons but don't read the fine print.  I'll give you an example below.  

*By looking at this coupon you would assume you'd be buying two BAGS of candy.  If you read the print it says on any of the following brands 2.0 or larger.  Normally what I do is look for the CHEAPEST items to see if I can get them for free or a good deal.  If you notice below I was able to score FREE snickers at Farm Fresh using this coupon.

*Snickers are on sale for $1.00, paired with the $1 coupon that doubles to $2 = FREE!

*Coupons states larger than 2ozs, you can see this is 3.4oz :)

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