Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ibotta & Coupons.

I went to Farm Fresh this morning to grab the weekend freebies & a few Ibotta offers I saw that paired with coupons made for some cheap food!

Farm Fresh Weekend Freebies!  Depending on your Farm Fresh location, the $10 additional purchase may be BEFORE coupons, which luckily ours does :)  

Total Before Coupons - $10.54

After Coupons - $5.17

Cash Back from Ibotta - $1.50

Total After Coupons & Ibotta - $3.69!

*Hint: You don't always NEED coupons to catch a good deal.  These Betty Crocker Potatoes are on sale for .59, PLUS there is a .50 Ibotta Rebate on them which makes them just .09!  That's a GREAT deal!  One tip I will suggest is to scan the items using the app in-store to make sure the item matches.  I purchased an item once that was exactly as stated but when I got home & scanned the barcode it said 'item does not match'.  Now when I shop I leave the app open & scan the barcode to make sure.

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