Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Part 2 of Shari's Berries House Party Pack!

Two big boxes!  I could NOT wait to see what the goodies were inside!
This was the SECOND delivery from HouseParty, my first package you can see here.

Look how PRETTY the packaging is!  Love the colors too!

12 Dipped Strawberries!
2 Boxes  = 24!

3 Cheesecake Trios!
3 to a box, and 4 boxes!

My beautiful niece enjoying her Shari's Berries Cheesecake & Strawberry!

my beautiful, sweet mama holding a delicious strawberry!

*no one tell her I put this picture up ;)

My Review:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  I will be ordering from Shari's Berries in the future.  The strawberries were HUGE!  Not only were they big but they were so fresh & good.  Seriously, I wasn't quite sure if they would be as fresh with being shipped, but they didn't disappoint.  The cheesecakes were AMAZING! The cheesecake covered in half chocolate is probably my favorite.  It's very rich & creamy.  I normally don't order food as gifts but I certainly will now.  Thanks to House Party for allowing me to try these great products.  It definitely has changed my opinion of just buying flowers vs something edible.

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